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How to pop out/undock the FlightFactor A320 MCDU screen

In the process of creating an MCDU I had to overcome the problem of getting its screen out of X-Plane and on a separate 640x480 display which will be mounted in the MCDU. After some searching I came across a thread on the X-Plane forum about moving the display units out of X-Plane. FlightFactor developer Assert posted a comment on how to achieve this. I chose this method over copying the MCDU screen from the remote control because this is easier and the delay is less.

To pop out the MCDU screen I created a new file output.cfg in the folder FFA320/data/model/ with the following contents:


This creates a copy of the left MCDU screen outside the X-Plane window. This is what it looks like:

However, you can't move it to a second monitor or change its size. This is done by editing the rectangle defined in the second line. 0 sets the x coordinate of the screen 0 sets the y coordinate of the screen 340 sets the width of the screen 320 sets the height of the screen

I attached a 640x480 display (an old 'HP vs19' I had lying around with its resolution changed to 640x480). These are the coordinates of the displays:

In order to move the screen to the second display these values need to be changed to rect=1920,0,640,480. This resizes the screen to match the second display's resolution and moves it to the top left of that display. Notice that the left side of the second display starts at 1920 and not 1921. That's because the coordinates start counting at 0. The values used are colored red, green, blue and purple in the image. This is a screenshot of the new setup: