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X-Plane 10 360° Video

Earlier this week I got a Google Cardboard and I tried some videos out. I found out that there are no flightsim 360° videos (I do love the real life ones though!). I did a quick landing and recorded it all, here's the final result: "Right, so how did you create this?"I set up a quick guide so you can get started, but be warned: it is a tedious and time consuming process.You'll need Autopano Video (Pro), or other video stitching software. I changed the FoV setting. Here are my X-Plane settings:X-Plane Settings1) Go do some crazy flight maneuvers in your favorite aircraft!2) Replay and record at every angle with the X-Plane AVI recorder, they should overlay a bit. My AVI recorder settings in X-Plane are: 1920x1080, 30 fps. Start each recording at the beginning of the replay (so you don't have to align the clips later). I ended up with 38 different clips, a total of 160 gb. This is a tedious and time consuming process! This is what the clips look like at the end:X-Recorded clips3) The exhaust fumes are a bug with the replay feature. You probably won't notice this with an airliner.4) Record the audio separately with Shadowplay or Audacity.5) The built-in AVI recorder splits the files at around 2 gb, use your favorite editor to make one clip per angle. FFMPEG will work fine too.6) Add the audio to one video file with FFMPEG (Google how to!).7) Import all clips in Autopano Video (Pro).8) Stitch as 15 mm default/normal.9) The preview window should like this. If not, the clips probably don't overlap enough.The preview window10) Time to render, select the clip that has audio as audio input, make sure that the framerate is set as source (25 is the default I think), and click "Go".11) Wait.12) Read Google's instructions on how to upload the file to Youtube.