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Luchtmachtdagen 2016

Last weekend I went to the "Luchtmachtdagen", the Open Days Royal Netherlands Air Force. Here are some pictures I took. Note that I licensed the photos as CC BY so you can use them freely. You can view the whole album on

RNLAF F-35A with flares.
RNLAF F-35A almost going trough the sound barrier. See the reddit thread here.
RNLAF C-130 Hercules.
RNLAF CH-47 Chinook carrying a Mercedes-Benz.
Two F-16s next to a KLM A330.
A Spitfire, together with an F-16 and an F-35A.
Belgian AF F-16 with flares.
The Frecce Tricolori.
A Martinair MD-11 that will go out of service soon. [PH-MCP]